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On-Demand Live Company Profiling

Use DiveScan toolbar to identify and deliver quality real-time company and executive intelligence in seconds.

Harnessing the power of both Google and Bing search, DiveScan searches live trusted web sources and integrates UpdatePower relevancy engines to bring back accurate company information and executive intelligence in seconds. DiveScan then creates dynamic company profiles on the fly. With one click of the mouse, you can pinpoint and verify the source of key information to ensure its accuracy.

Key Features

The simplicity of DiveScan allows you to spend more time growing your business while providing the opportunities you are seeking -

Getting Started On-Demand

  • Quick downloadable application gets you up and running in no time.
  • A simple toolbar and 1-Click Company profiling combine routine web browsing with on-demand DiveScan live company profiling.

Live Current Intelligence

  • UpdatePower business intelligence has been bullet-tested and used by companies such as Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, PayPal, LexisNexis, Visa, VeriSign, McAfee and Thomson Gale.
  • DiveScan integrates UpdatePower relevancy engines screen, filters and distills content, focuses on accuracy and prioritizes quality over sheer volume.
  • DiveScan delivers the company information you need: description, address, phone number, size, executive contacts and more.
  • You know the data is accurate - giving you peace-of-mind - because DiveScan displays verifiable live links to real-time trusted web sources.
  • The latest updates are always at your fingertips because DiveScan re-profiles companies in a single stroke.

Requirements and Compatibility

  • You'll need a PC or laptop running Windows XP or Windows 7.
  • Windows Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome are compatible with DiveScan.
  • Data from DiveScan can be easily exported into popular CRM applications, including standard CSV/excel formats, and ACT!

Sales professionals and sales managers, inside sales, business researchers, call centers, and anyone who relies on Google or Bing search for business information will benefit from DiveScan, and it's available now in a pre-release version for approved customers. Please contact if you are interested in participating in the DiveScan pre-release program.







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