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Identify   every company within your unique target markets.
Profile   companies and their executive decision-makers
Verify   and refresh existing prospects, with current company and contact information.

A Simple toolbar delivers on-demand live company profiling in seconds with just 1-click.

PowerIndex - Business Lists
Get accurate, targeted On-Demand "Speciality Lists" by key industries.

UpdatePower Managed Service
Verify and update your Sales and Marketing lead databases with real-time accurate “live” company intelligence.


What's an index?

A dynamic directory of live data pointers mapped and linked to live company website pages and trusted web sources
Public Companies
Fortune 1000 Companies
Emerchants by Traffic Rank
Emerchants by Sales Revenue
Emerchants by Mail Carrier
Emerchants by Cart Brand
And more...

March 8, 2012
UpdatePower Adds Social Networking and Online News Sources to Boost Content Coverage  »

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